Ambassadors' Letter to Blair

52 former British ambassadors urge the British prime minister to influence US policy in the Middle East
April 26, 2004

In Mideast, Anger and Solidarity

Arabs praise Iraqi insurgents, condemn US occupation
Scott Wilson
April 10, 2004

Free But Not Unfettered

Lifting the ban on imported textiles may not prove a threat to the local industry after all
Niveen Wahish
April 2, 2004

OPEC Heayweights Back Production Cut

To cut or not to cut oil production: that is the question
Carola Hoyos
March 30, 2004

74 Illegal Immigrants Held in Surprise Raid in Abu Dhabi

Surprise raids scarcely disguise xenophobia and anxiety over foreigners
Muawia E. Ibrahim
March 24, 2004