US Election and the World – Part II

Despite potential for positive change, the Middle East is wary – even fearful – of Bush's second term
Rami G. Khouri
November 10, 2004

UN Efforts in Iraq No Walk in the Park

Unlike the UN's experience in Cambodia, continuing violence and a weak government pose huge challenges to election preparations in Iraq
Benny Widyono
August 5, 2004

Gulf Security in a Globalizing World: Going beyond US Hegemony

To avoid repeating history, the US should adopt a multilateral approach and address the domestic issues at the heart of the region’s instability
Michael Kraig
June 29, 2004

US Nation-Building Abroad – Part II

Iraqi abuse revelations deepen distrust of US
Fawaz A. Gerges
May 28, 2004

Terrorists and Their Tools - Part I

Suicide bombings driven more by politics than religious zeal
Riaz Hassan
April 23, 2004

US Nation-Building Abroad – Part III

Afghanistan unlikely to meet Washington's September elections deadline
Ahmed Rashid
June 1, 2004


MH370 Amuses as Syria Suffers

Television news tries to entertain
Tony Burman
April 1, 2014

Obama Seeks to Repair Frayed Ties With Saudi Arabia

But on some issues, allies must go their own way
Ellen Knickmeyer, Maria Abi-Habib and Ahmed Al Omran
March 31, 2014

Turkey's President Gul Challenges PM's Move to Ban Twitter

Attempts to evade modern scrutiny invite ridicule
Rory Cellan-Jones
March 21, 2014

Turkey Approves Harsh New Internet Law

Governments take control of the internet
Joshua Hersh
February 10, 2014