As Conflict Grows in Middle East, US-Saudi Gulf Widens

Neat alignment vanishes with the US more cautious, Saudi Arabia assertive in the Middle East
Fahad Nazer
June 24, 2014

Call for Inclusiveness May Not Work for Middle East's Sectarian Divide

In Syria and Iraq, ISIS exploits power voids, frustrations over minority rights, and Sunni-Shia divide
Dilip Hiro
June 18, 2014

Reaching Nuclear Threshold, Iran May Be Ready for Pause

Perhaps its nuclear capability, and not so much sanctions, brought Iran to the negotiating table
Arch Roberts
April 10, 2014

Shale Gas Helps Fracture US-Saudi Ties

Saudi Arabia is vexed at shifting balance of power as the US transforms into its competitor
Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
April 1, 2014

Turkey: Erdoğan Faces Twittering Opposition

Opposition’s use of social media tarnishes Erdoğan government, but short-term change is unlikely
Anna Beth Keim
March 26, 2014

WMD Risks in Civil War: What Syria Can Teach

The US, ill-prepared on Syria’s use of chemical weapons, must plan for strife in Pakistan, North Korea
Bennett Ramberg
January 23, 2014


Why Erdoğan Shouldn't Double Down on Dictatorship After Coup Attempt

Even opposition groups opposed coup and seek order for a divided nation
Mohammed Ayoob
July 19, 2016

Turkish Forces Try to Crush Remnants of Coup

Turkey military coup attempt failed: damage for democratic rights, NATO partnership?
Orhan Coskun and Gulsen Solaker
July 17, 2016

European Purgatory: Migrant Smugglers Helping Refugees Return to Turkey

Conditions on the border between Greece and Macedonia are described as disgrace for the EU
Riham Alkousaa and Maximilian Popp
July 7, 2016

Week of Terror Underscores a “Desperate” Islamic State

The Islamic State, losing militarily, shifts tactics toward conventional terrorism
Jessica Durando and Jim Michaels
July 4, 2016

An Attack on Turkey's Airport and Its Ambitions

Terrorist attacks could drive the NATO member closer to Russia
June 29, 2016