The Earth’s environment is the source of economic, social, cultural activities, with nature shaping human life over the centuries. The rapid growth in the world population, from 1 billion in 1830 to 7 billion today, add pressures for air quality, oceans, land use and resources as basic as water. Awareness is building about over-reliance on fossil fuels, how carbon and other emissions contribute to global warming and volatile weather. Every industry requires energy, and cross-border industrialization, transportation and other economic activities contribute to environmental degradation. Yet globalization also spurs awareness and activism over the need for global cooperation and standards to promote sustainability and environmental protection.

A Source of Energy Hiding in Plain Sight

Efficient use of energy would save money and create jobs
Marilyn A. Brown
February 18, 2009

Still Not Too Late to Prevent a Doomsday

With an emerging international movement of citizens and scientists, all hope is not lost for saving the environment
James Gustave Speth
March 10, 2004

Global Environmentalism Hits China

International and domestic groups join forces to combat environmental woes
Guobin Yang
February 4, 2004


Is Climate Change Now Its Own Industry?

Companies turn to consultants to assess risks
August 7, 2015

No Plastic Bags? It's Already the Law in Rwanda

Citizens also stop all work the last Saturday of each month to clean their community
Karen Louise Boothe Acharya
August 7, 2015

What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea

China announces an end to its reclamation work
Derek Watkins
August 6, 2015

Barack Obama’s Climate Plan Makes for Canny Politics

The US president challenges the opposition; climate change should not be left for future generations to solve
Nick Butler
August 5, 2015

Climate Future Could Be Decided in the Courts

Researchers produced ample evidence on the risks of climate change
Emily Schwartz Greco
July 31, 2015