Jobs are the lifeblood for national economies and family budgets. The search for economic opportunity often drives people to move around the globe. The most educated and highly skilled workers are in demand, and immigration policies often reflect that priority. Less skilled would-be immigrants, however, are often subject to tighter restrictions – even in nations where native citizens refuse to take on harvesting, construction, cleaning or other difficult tasks. Advanced technology reduces the need for labor; employers also rely on outsourcing, contract workers and the internet for digital work, including tax preparation, X-ray analysis or graphic design. Nations fiercely compete for jobs while multinational corporations reduce labor costs to increase profits.

Will the Crisis Reverse Global Migration?

The crisis will affect migration, but less than feared and in more complex ways
Jayati Ghosh
July 14, 2009

India’s Reverse Diaspora

Indian immigrants in the West increasingly view Bangalore as a frontier for opportunity
Steven L. Raymer
December 5, 2008

Even Labor Unions Can Gain from Free Trade

Despite dire predictions to the contrary, NAFTA has led to closer bonds between North American unions
Tamara Kay
December 23, 2003

Outrage Over Offshoring Goes Off-Target

Rather than blame China and India, US workers need to sharpen their own competitive edge
Ann All
October 17, 2008

The Future of Migration - Part One

Irresistible forces for another era of mass migration are building
Lant Pritchett
November 5, 2003

The Future of Migration - Part Two

Immovable ideas help prevent migration
Lant Pritchett
November 9, 2003


Matteo Renzi, Scrapper in the Swamp

Reforms are not yet adding jobs for young Italians
Joji Sakurai
October 19, 2015

The Future of Work: The Risks of Industrial Globalization

Workers are consumers
Evangelina Argueta
September 23, 2015

Indian Job Ad Receives 2.3 Million Applicants

A young, educated workforce is expected to boost the economy
Victor Mallet
September 21, 2015

The Bitter Story Behind the UK's National Drink

Investigation describes poor housing and sanitation, low wages and child labor
Justin Rowlatt and Jane Deith
September 11, 2015

Indonesia Nabs Ship Believed to Carry Slave-Caught Fish

Associated Press tracked trawler with satellite beacon and alerted Indonesian authorities
Margie Mason
August 18, 2015