The links between security and globalization were highlighted by the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, and the subsequent long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Lingering poverty, inequality, religious extremism and war can sow discontent and resentment as unprecedented global mobility lends access to education and travel in other countries. Despite use of drones, cyber-warfare and other advanced weapons technology to mount counterterrorist attacks, the marginalized can strike out at vulnerable urban or economic centers. Annual global defense spending exceeds $1.6 trillion. Containing the trade in weapons, whether nuclear bombs or assault rifles, and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands remain a challenge.

US Nation-Building Abroad – Part I

As the June 30 handover deadline nears, worries grow about what will be left behind in Iraq
Dilip Hiro
May 26, 2004

A New Coalition To Keep WMD Out of Terrorists' Hands

Operating outside the UN framework, the Proliferation Security Initiative sees growing support
Michael Richardson
May 10, 2004

Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Media: Anatomy of a Failure

Caught in the patriotic fervor, US media failed to adequately question government claims in the leadup to war
Susan Moeller
April 14, 2004

Terrorists and Their Tools – Part II

Using the Internet to recruit, raise funds, and plan attacks
Gabriel Weimann
April 26, 2004

Uzbekistan: A Third Front in the War on Terrorism?

Unless handled with care, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy
Charles William Maynes
April 5, 2004

While the US Looked for Iraqi WMD, North Korea Built Theirs

Bush's early refusal to deal with North Korea makes it harder now to walk Pyongyang back from its weapons program
Jack Pritchard
March 31, 2004


China Tried Muscling South Korea in Yellow Sea

China may try to extend border with North Korea to South Korea
Jeong Yong-Su
December 5, 2013

Analysis: Saudis Have Few Options as They Push Tougher Foreign Policy

Saudis may be furious over the Iran deal, but rely on US security
Angus McDowall
December 3, 2013

Karzai Has More Demands for Accord Extending US Troop Presence

Accord must be signed by end of year, or the US will prepare to walk away
Tim Craig, Karen DeYoung
November 28, 2013

China “Monitored” US Bombers in New Air Zone

Unannounced flights of unarmed B-52s test the zone
Jonny Dymond
November 27, 2013

LG Investigates Smart TV “Unauthorised Spying” Claim

Many TV owners don’t know about privacy settings
Leo Kelion
November 27, 2013