5 Refugee Crises You May Not Know About, But Should

The Syrian refugee crisis, with 4 million leaving the country and 8 million internally displaced, captures the most attention from world leaders and the media. The world has nearly a total of 65 million forcibly displaced people, and Devon Haynie lists other crises for US News & World Report: Burundi in East Africa with more than 300,000 fleeing to nearby Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of the Congo; the Rohingya in Myanmar, denied citizen rights by the Myanmar government with almost 100,000 trying to flee to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand; 1 million in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala due to gangs and drug violence; almost 500,000 Somalis fleeing food shortages and violence to live in temporary camps in Kenya; and 1.6 million in Nigeria who have fled Boko Haram terrorists. The UN Refugee Agency also describes South Sudan, Iraq and Central African Republic as pressing emergencies, and funding for refugee support remains an ongoing challenge. – YaleGlobal

5 Refugee Crises You May Not Know About, But Should

On World Refugee Day, the UN estimated that 60 million people are displaced all over the globe
Devon Haynie
Thursday, June 30, 2016

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Read about refugees from the UN Refugee Agency.

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