80 Percent of Teens Do Not Exercise Enough: WHO

Exercise is essential for good physical and mental health, both short and long term. But the World Health Organization reports that 81 percent of teenagers, aged 11 to 17, report not engaging in the recommended one hour of exercise, sports or other physical activity daily. “The health benefits of a physically active lifestyle during adolescence include improved cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, bone and cardiometabolic health, and positive effects on weight,” reports WHO. “There is also growing evidence that physical activity has a positive impact on cognitive development and socializing.” Other analysts suggest that adolescents spend more time spent on schoolwork or online activities and hold concerns about outdoor safety. No clear patterns were found among regions or income groups, though boys reported more exercise than girls. Girls were more active than boys in in Afghanistan, Samoa, Tonga and Zambia. – YaleGlobal

80 Percent of Teens Do Not Exercise Enough: WHO

Most global teens don't exercise at least one hour daily, notes the World Health Organization, with implications for long-term physical and mental health
Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Read the article from the World Health Organization about a study that surveyed global teens about their physical activity.

 Boys High-Income Western	72.1 S Asia	73.1 Central/E Europe	76.2 Latin America/Caribbean	79.9 Central Asia/Middle East/N Africa	80.2 Oceania	81.9 E/SE Asia	82 Sub-Saharan Africa	83.9 High Income Asia Pacific	89; 	Girls High-Income Western	84.6 S Asia	77.5 Central/E Europe	85.90 Latin America/Caribbean	88.9 Central Asia/Middle East/N Africa	89.9 Oceania	86.2 E/SE Asia	89.3 Sub-Saharan Africa	88.5 High Income Asia Pacific	95.6

Low energy: Researchers surveyed teens in 146 countries and found high levels of inactivity (Source: Lancet)

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