Air Raids Continue in Syria: Al Jazeera

The Syrian government, Russia and Iran continue to conduct air raids against remaining rebel holdouts in northwest Syria. The United Nations reports more than 100 civilians have been killed during the past 10 days with more than 400,000 people displaced during the past three months alone. Syria’s government claims it responds to ceasefire violations, including fighters balking at withdrawing from a buffer zone. Many Syrians have been displaced multiple times. “The region under attack is home to some three million people, nearly half of them already displaced from other parts of the war-ravaged country,” reports Al Jazeera. “The [UN] agency said it had documented 39 attacks against health facilities or medical workers in the region since the end of April. At least 50 schools have been damaged by air raids and shelling, it added.” The war in Syria began in 2011, and the death toll has been more than 500,000 with more than 6.5 million displaced internally and more than 5.5 million displaced outside the country. UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet criticized the “apparent international indifference.” – YaleGlobal

Air Raids Continue in Syria: Al Jazeera

UN human rights chief condemns “apparent international indifference” over Syria, after 26 children are among 103 civilians killed by air raids over past 10 days
Friday, July 26, 2019

Read the article from Al Jazeera about air raids striking civilians in Syria.

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