Asia’s Global Travel Boom

Three out of five global citizens are Asian, and the continent’s growing middle class has wanderlust. “Rapid urbanisation, increased disposable income and a relaxing of travel restrictions have enabled more people to travel and budget airlines are opening up routes from India and other parts of Asia,” reports BBC News in an article rich with graphics. China in particular is both major destination and source for travelers. Chinese travelers, typically young and well educated, spent $102 billion on international tourism in 2012, more than that spent by US or German tourists, reports the UN World Tourism Organization. North East Asia is expected to be the world’s most visited destination by 2030, and the report points out Asian countries are popular destinations for Asian travelers: Chinese prefer Hong Kong and Macau; Indians are divided among Singapore, Thailand and UAE; and Japanese head to China and South Korea. The United Kingdom, France and South Korea are responding to travelers’ preference for streamlined visa processes. – YaleGlobal

Asia's Global Travel Boom

Continental shifts are being made in terms of travel, tourism and spending power as more Asian, especially Chinese, venture abroad
Monday, February 3, 2014
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