Attacks in Denmark, France Stoke Fears of Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe

Anti-Semitic crimes are on the rise in Europe for 2015. Anti-Semitism in Europe may have contributed to a rise in emigration to Israel. In 2014, 7,000 Jews left France for Israel. In the same year, immigration to Israel worldwide increased 32 percent from the previous year, reports Beenish Ahmed for ThinkProgress. In February, a Jewish guard was murdered at a Copenhagen synagogue after the murder of a Danish film director. The 22-year-old suspect and Danish native was released from prison two weeks prior and was reported to have expressed intentions to join the Islamic State. Days before the Copenhagen attacks, French teenagers defaced more than 300 tombs and a Holocaust monument in a Jewish cemetery in Alsace. The attacks follow the January murders at a Parisian kosher supermarket and the Charlie Hebdo attack. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has encouraged immigration while European leaders have pledged to ensure security and acceptance for Jews. - YaleGlobal

Attacks in Denmark, France Stoke Fears of Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe

Expansion of anti-Semitism in Denmark, France, and Europe at large comes more than half-century after WWII, and triggers increase in emigration to Israel
Beenish Ahmed
Monday, March 30, 2015
Beenish Ahmed is the World Reporter at ThinkProgress. Previously, she was a freelance journalist and Pulitzer Center on Crises Reporting grantee in Pakistan. She is also a former NPR Kroc Fellow.
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