Australia Plays Down Pacific Union

A recent report by the Australian Senate suggested that Pacific micro states should move towards political and economic integration, similar to the European Union. Australian Prime Minister John Howard acknowledged that the report made many important points but denies that the Pacific region is ready or willing to relinquish much national sovereignty. "Let's crawl before we walk," Howard said. "The first thing is to try and get some joint efforts in relation to governance." In that vein, Howard is planning to use the upcoming Pacific Islands Forum in New Zealand to discuss several collaborative efforts, including the creation of a regional police training program and the establishment of a regional airline to replace those of individual island states. The forum will also discuss pressing regional issues, particularly the Australian-led intervention in the war torn Solomon Islands and plans to help rebuild the nation's collapsed economy. – YaleGlobal

Australia Plays Down Pacific Union

Thursday, August 14, 2003

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