BBC: Fentanyl Crisis and Source of Illegal Drugs

The escalating trade quarrel between China and the United States prompts other worries and accusations. “The US believes factory-produced opioids - powerful painkillers increasingly abused by US citizens - are being made in China and sold from there too,” reports BBC News. ”One of the main ones is fentanyl - 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine - which is only approved in the US for severe pain arising in cases like treatment for cancer.” Chinese officials deny that most illegal fentanyl is sourced from China, and urge improved intelligence sharing along with increased efforts on curbing the demand. The United States, the European Union and Canada report increasing numbers of overdose deaths connected with synthetic drugs and urge China to do more to regulate its growing pharmaceutical industry. China has taken steps to restrict chemicals used to make synthetic drugs, and the BBC report points out challenges – the drugs are inexpensive, sold online and easily mixed with other illegal substances. Also, small chemical alterations and deceptive packaging help sellers elude authorities.– YaleGlobal

BBC: Fentanyl Crisis and Source of Illegal Drugs

Amid tension between China and the US over trade, there's also friction over illegal trade in synthetic drugs with increasing demand and overdose deaths
Monday, September 24, 2018

Read the article from BBC News about the illegal trade in synthethic drugs like fentanyl.

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