BBC: May Wins Confidence Vote

British Prime Minister held on to her job after facing a vote of confidence from fellow Tory members. Just before the voting started, Theresa May told fellow MPs she would see the Brexit deal through before resigning as party leader before the next scheduled election in 2022. After she delayed a vote on Brexit by full parliament, 48 members of her party expressed no confidence. Most Tory party members had pledged support, and Conservative Party rules allow her to stay on as leader for another year. No other leaders were ready to repair the Brexit mess, convincing the European Union to reopen negotiations, giving British people a chance for a change of heart with a new vote, or dealing with the anger of British citizens. Brexit passed in a close vote in 2016 based on faulty information - such as promises of more funding devoted to public health care. The recent draft deal angered Brexit supporters and opponents alike. “Many of those calling for her to go say they would be happy for the UK to leave the EU on World Trade Organization terms, without a deal,” reports BBC News. “They say warnings of economic doom are exaggerated.” May has resisted another vote on the matter and suggests Brexit can deliver opportunities. Relations with the EU are paramount for Britain, and any move creates winners, losers and hard feelings. – YaleGlobal

BBC: May Wins Confidence Vote

May survives party vote of confidence; Brexit is tearing Britain apart, showing just how much European Union membership matters for Britain’s economy, politics and culture
Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Read BBC News for reports about the Tory no-confidence vote for Theresa May.

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