BBC News: Maldives ex-President Nasheed Seeks Help From India and US

Maldives is in turmoil after the current president defied a court order and refused to release political prisoners. The government declared a state of emergency with at least two judges detained and the president suggesting a coup was being planned. The government also threatened to block television and media sites that released reports criticizing the government. Former president Mohamed Nasheed asked for India and the United States to intervene – India by helping with release of the judges and the United States by blocking financial transactions for leaders of Maldives. “Nasheed was an opposition leader under a former government and became the country's first democratically elected leader in 2008, but was ousted and jailed in 2012,” reports BBC News. “He is currently thought to be in neighbouring Sri Lanka.” Countries cautioned tourists to avoid political protests on the island state in the Indian Ocean. The turmoil could increase temptation in Maldives for leaders to use its strategic location for playing India and China off each other. – YaleGlobal

BBC News: Maldives ex-President Nasheed Seeks Help From India and US

The ex-president of the Maldives, from exile, calls for other countries to intervene in a political crisis engulfing the island nation
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Read the BBC News article about political turmoil in Maldives.

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