BBC: Three Brexit Defeats for May

Members of parliament found British Prime Minister Theresa May’s ministers in contempt, ordering release of the government’s complete legal advice on proposed terms for Brexit. The government had been trying to rush the proposal through to avoid too many second thoughts. The attorney general published a summary and answered questions, but advised that release of the complete version was not in the national interest. “Addressing the Commons at the start of a five-day debate on her proposed Brexit agreement, Mrs May said Brexit divisions had become ‘corrosive’ to UK politics and the public believed the issue had ‘gone on long enough’ and must be resolved,” reports BBC News. MPs also approved a motion giving Commons a say if the deal fails. Meanwhile an EU court ruled that Britain can unilaterally change its mind on Brexit and does not require unanimous approval of all EU members. Parliament will vote on Brexit terms December 11. Voters may have relied on incomplete information in approving Brexit in June 2016, but legislators absolutely should not. – YaleGlobal

BBC: Three Brexit Defeats for May

Britain’s Theresa May suffers three Brexit defeats in the Commons as she tries to sell an EU deal to a skeptical parliament
Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Read the article from BBC News about members of the British parliament finding ministers in contempt for resisting release of the government’s full legal advice about Brexit terms.

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