Bird Flu Strain in China “Passed Between Humans”

The viruses that cause flu can mutate quickly, and researchers have detected a probable human-to-human transmission of an emerging form of bird flu in China. “Until now there had been no evidence of anyone catching the H7N9 virus other than after direct contact with birds,” reports BBC News. “But experts stressed it does not mean the virus has developed the ability to spread easily between humans.” BBC News reports on the particular case: The father had visited a poultry market, but his daughter did not; she cared for him in the hospital and also fell ill; the genetic makeup of the two strains was near identical. Both patients died. The new bird flu remains rare, and so far has been lethal for about 30 percent of the known patients. Researchers report vigilance on any rapid changes in the H7N9 virus or any signs that an epidemic is underway. – YaleGlobal

Bird Flu Strain in China “Passed Between Humans”

Researchers have reported the first case of human-to-human transmission of the new strain of bird flu that has emerged in China
Friday, August 9, 2013
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