Book Rallying for Social Change Fails to Inspire the Masses

A book published in China criticizes the country's foreign policies, suggesting the country could do more to shake off western influences, report Fu Qi and Li Huizi for Xinhua News Agency. The five authors of “Unhappy China” argue that "the current financial crisis reflects an overall corruption of the American society” and that stern, even punitive, foreign policies could provide lessons for other countries and assist the globe. Nationalistic arguments in China have evolved over the past decade, transforming from the nation leading itself to leading the world, suggests one analyst. Some critics point out that few constructive recommendations accompany the anger while other commentators suggest that venting such frustrations through books and public debate is healthy. The book has not caught on with Chinese readers, and for now, ordinary people do not see nationalistic anger as a tool for surviving the economic recession. – YaleGlobal

Book Rallying for Social Change Fails to Inspire the Masses

Fu Qi
Thursday, March 26, 2009

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