Boris Johnson Needs an Election: Scotsman

Political leaders with extreme views struggle to reach compromise and attract broad consensus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson insists the UK will leave the European Union without or without a deal. The Supreme Court ruled that Johnson unlawfully applied prorogation, suspending parliament for five weeks until just before the October 31 deadline. Members returned to session. Voters approved leaving the European Union in June 2016 by a narrow margin based on inflated promises. Many have since expressed a change of heart. Most members of parliament hesitate to leave the European Union without a deal that protects businesses, systems and individuals. Paris Gourtsoyan describes what’s next: “the MPs will seek to humiliate the government further, by refusing to grant a recess for the Conservative Party conference and forcing the publication of the legal advice on prorogation. It’s worth remembering that if the government loses those votes, it’s because it threw 21 of its own MPs out of the Conservative Party.” The prime minister seeks a new election to win more support, but the Labour Party balks unless the government agrees to block a no-deal Brexit. Every aspect of Brexit, new territory for the country, presents uncertainty and disorder. – YaleGlobal

Boris Johnson Needs an Election: Scotsman

British Supreme Court rules that prime minister’s suspension of parliament was unlawful; MPs return to an impasse over Brexit, uncertainty and disorder
Paris Gourtsoyannis
Saturday, September 28, 2019

Read the article from the Scotsman about an impasse between the British parliament and prime minister.

 No compromise on Brexit?   “This Parliament must either stand aside and let this government get Brexit done, or bring a vote of confidence and finally face the day of reckoning with the voters.” – Boris Johnson, prime minister and leader of minority government, Sept 25, 2019

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