Brexit Delay: BBC News

The June 2016 vote for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union, with faulty information distributed throughout the campaign, was the nation remains divided over how to leave. EU leaders agreed on a plan for delaying the Article 50 deadline of March 29: UK can have until 22 May if parliament approves a plan already negotiated with the EU. If the parliament rejects that plan the UK has an 12 April deadline. Parliament must vote on the plan for the third time. BBC News summarizes how Prime Minister Theresa May described the choice for legislators: "They could back the withdrawal deal, deliver on the referendum and leave the EU in 'an orderly manner' or face the prospect of having to stand candidates in the European Parliamentary elections, three years after the UK voted to leave the EU." European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker noted that recent discussions have been more realistic. The British government has not indicated interest in participating in the EU elections, and analysts expect Britain to accept the deal for delay. – YaleGlobal

Brexit Delay: BBC News

EU leaders have agreed on a plan to delay the Article 50 process, postponing Brexit beyond 29 March – with conditions
Thursday, March 21, 2019

Read the article from BBC News about the Brexit delay.

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