Bulgarians and Romanians Free to Work in UK as Controls End

The single market of the European Union is designed to allow most goods, services, money and people to cross borders of member nations. Mechanisms allow gradual introductions, even delays, for transition. Some in the United Kingdom express concern about Bulgarian and Romanian citizens relocating to the United Kingdom after controls in place since 2007 expired, reports Mark Lowen for BBC News. “Some, particularly Britain, fear large numbers will come, mindful that a decade ago the government expected 15,000 per year from Eastern Europe but a million and a half came,” Lown writes. “A Home Office spokesman said the government was working to reduce net migration and would ensure people entering Britain were doing so for the right reasons.” The government presumably opposes immigrants who pursue public benefits without contributing to tax revenues. Some officials, arguing that the global economic recession added challenges to welcoming immigrants, propose extending controls for another five years. – YaleGlobal

Bulgarians and Romanians Free to Work in UK as Controls End

Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are free to live and work in the UK after controls in place since 2007 expired
Mark Lowen
Thursday, January 2, 2014
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