Bush Envoy Briefs Panel After Talks on A-Bombs

More insights into North Korea's nuclear program were offered to the US Senate this week by James A. Kelly, President Bush's chief negotiator at the 6-way talks just concluded in Beijing. In his testimony, Kelly suggested that North Korea may have been working to produce new atomic bombs even while negotiating with the US on the possibility of suspending its program. Kelly also said that Pyongyang's negotiators hinted at a willingness to discuss a uranium enrichment program that the US has long suspected but which North Korea has consistently denied exists. It appears that the North may be heeding the words of President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, who said last week: "Now the North Koreans should also recognize that, with the unraveling of these proliferation networks, the A. Q. Kahn network, what the Libyans are now freely admitting and talking about, that their admissions and what they say is not the only source of information about what's going on in North Korea." – YaleGlobal

Bush Envoy Briefs Panel After Talks on A-Bombs

David E. Sanger
Wednesday, March 3, 2004

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