Caixin: Could the Chinese Mainland Be the Next Hong Kong for Filipino Maids?

The Philippine Statistics Authority reports that about 2.4 million women left the nation to work as domestic help in Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and elsewhere. China may be the next stop for Filipina staff who provide elder and child care, as officials from the Philippines report negotiations are underway to organize work programs in five Chinese cities. “If it happens, it would mark a huge change in the Chinese mainland,” explains a team of reporters for Caixin. “Only in August did China begin allowing expatriates in Guangdong province to hire foreign domestic workers.” The Chinese government’s decision to allow couples to have two children has led to increased demand, and parents would appreciate that the Filipinas could also teach children English. Chinese officials did not confirm details; the Philippines would likely seek a minimum wage with guarantees on room and board. China lacks a strong daycare network, and grandparents often care for grandchildren. Strong demand in China could drive up wages and improve work conditions for domestic staff throughout Asia. – YaleGlobal

Caixin: Could the Chinese Mainland Be the Next Hong Kong for Filipino Maids?

Negotiations could be underway to let Filipinas work in five Chinese cities – leading to new demand and wage hike for domestic help elsewhere in Asia
Luo Ruiyao, Li Rongde and Zhang Congzhi
Friday, August 11, 2017
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