Cheat, Bribe, Lie – US College Admissions Scam: CNN

A college admissions operation involving fraud, conspiracy and racketeering thrived on the allure of American cultural icons –sports, charitable giving, shortcuts and elite universities as the starting point to a life of success. The ringleader pled guilty, and US federal prosecutors have charged 50 defendants associated with the organization known as the Key – including high-profile parents, test officials, coaches. The prosecutors described an operation of parents paying millions of dollars to connect their children to coaches of sports in which they had not participated, take standardized tests with proctors who changed responses, and tout awards that do not exist. College value talented athletes and coaches recommend applicants, and the organization’s CEO admitted to bribing coaches: “In exchange, they would recommend to admissions officials that certain students be accepted, even if the student didn't play the sport and had false athletic credentials.” Parents paid for services by donating a nonprofit foundation connected with the Key – and presumably deducted these donations from their taxes. Every student enrolled with fraud stole a place for a qualified student. Parents, desperate to support their children, have only exposed them to lifelong scrutiny of any achievements and ridicule. – YaleGlobal

Cheat, Bribe, Lie – US College Admissions Scam: CNN

College scandal thrived on the allure of American cultural icons –sports, charitable giving, shortcuts and elite college as the start to a life of success
Eric Levenson
Thursday, March 14, 2019

Read the article from CNN about a US college admissions scandal.

Eric Levenson is an associate writer for CNN Digital.  CNN’s Mark Morales, Cheri Mossburg, Madeleine Thompson and Lauren del Valle contributed to this report.

(Sources: US News & World Report and World University Rankings)

Read about the Key Worldwide, which claims to have mentored more than 90,000 students: “We partner with your son or daughter to identify their strengths, unlock their potential, choose the right college, position themselves for admission, and outline a course of study and extracurricular experiences to lead to a life of success.”

the Key website

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