China Offers to Free 2 Canadians: Globe and Mail

Canada arrested a Huawei executive in December 2018, based on an extradition request from the US, accused of bank fraud and violation of US sanctions against Iran. Days later, China charged two Canadians with espionage. “China has repeatedly rejected suggestions there is any connection between its detention of former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and entrepreneur Michael Spavor and Canada’s arrest of Ms. Meng [Wanzhou] in December, 2018, on an extradition request from the United States,” reports Steven Chase and Robert Fife for the Globe and Mail. Yet China argues that Canada has authority to intervene by returning the Huawei executive and has offered an exchange. Canada’s prime minister rejects intervention and expressed support for the case to move through the legal system. Tensions run high between China and the US along with its allies. One former Canadian diplomat described China’s tactics as “hostage diplomacy.” – YaleGlobal

China Offers to Free 2 Canadians: Globe and Mail

China rejects a connection between the arrest of a Huawei executive, held in Canada, and the arrest of two Canadians days later, yet urges a prisoner exchange
Steven Chase and Robert Fife
Thursday, June 25, 2020

Read the article from the the Globe and Mail about a proposed prisoner exchange between Canada and China.

Steven Chase, based in Ottawa, is parliamentary reporter for the Globe and Mail. Robert Fife is Ottawa bureau chief for the Globe and Mail. 

US 75.4%	$336.80  Other 20.7%	$92.80  China 3.9% $17.50
The US is Canada's top trade partner for imports and exports, with China running a distant second; Canada has a trade deficit with China and a trade surplus with the US (Source: World’s Top Exports)

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