China Revises Conservation List: Sixth Tone

China is reviewing its list of protected wildlife and plans to expand the number of species under protection. The draft includes more than 700 terrestrial species of which 185 will receive priority protection. “While animals with first-level status receive greater protections and cannot be captured without a permit from a national-level wildlife department, animals with second-level status can be captured with only provincial-level approval,” explains Li You for Sixth Tone. "China’s newly revised wildlife protection law stipulates that the wildlife list should be reviewed and revised every five years to keep up with the current state of the country’s wildlife.” Rare animals become targets for the unscrupulous, and experts anticipate increased supervision, management and law enforcement. The list will be released by year's end. – YaleGlobal

China Revises Conservation List: Sixth Tone

China revises its wildlife conservation list after 30 years, expanding protections for endangered species like pangolins, Yangtze finless porpoises
Li You
Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chinese pangolin
Chinese pangolin

Read the article from Sixth Tone about China revising its wildlife-protection list.

Li You is a features reporter at Sixth Tone writing on the environment. Her stellar photography has earned her an honorary spot on the Visuals Team.

Read more about the Chinese pangolin from Edge: “The Chinese pangolins current range has undergone drastic changes due to poaching pressure, and its distribution is therefore not well known. It was previously widespread, occurring in southern China, Hainan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Himalayan foothills in eastern Nepal, Bhutan and northern India, northeastern Bangladesh, across Myanmar to northern Lao PDR and northern Vietnam, northern and northeastern Thailand.”


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