CNN: All 12 Boys, Coach Freed in Thai Cave Rescue

Divers escorted the last members of the Wild Boars soccer team from a cave today – in a complex three-day mission that required racing the clock against rains flooding the cave and oxygen depletion. Each phase of the mission took at least nine hours from divers’ entry to exit. The 12 boys and their young coach had been underground for more than two weeks, trapped by floodwaters. An international team of diving, hydrology, medical, transport and drilling experts – with support from the local community – kicked into action to locate the team, plan the operation and train the boys on skills needed to exit the cave. “The drama has captivated people worldwide as cave experts grappled with the problem of how to free the young, malnourished boys, some of whom couldn't swim, from a flooded cavern as monsoon rains threatened to raise water levels even further,” reports CNN. “Divers involved in the rescue described treacherous conditions, with fast-moving shallow water passing through very narrow passages.” Each child was escorted two divers who worked in relay teams. One Thai Navy Seal died, and other Thai Navy Seals who trained and waited with the boys have yet to emerge. – YaleGlobal

CNN: All 12 Boys, Coach Freed in Thai Cave Rescue

International and Thai team of water experts, divers, medical clinicians rescue 12 members and coach of Wild Boars soccer team from cave
Euan McKirdy, Kocha Olarn and Steve George
Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Read the article from CNN about the Thai cave rescue.

Euan McKirdy is digital editor for CNN. Steve George is senior digital producer for CNN International. CNN’s Jo Shelley and Judith Vonberg contributed to this report.

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