Coalition Partners Get Cold Feet

As Shiite and Sunni Iraqis banded together to fight American and allied country troops this week, United States military forces found themselves in an increasingly uncertain environment. The political will of US allies is being tested by the deepening hostilities. When South Korean and Japanese military forces came under fire, they retreated to their compounds. But although popular sentiment in Japan is demanding that Tokyo take action to free three Japanese civilians who are being held hostage, the Japanese prime minister says he will not bow to the demands of their Iraqi captors. Meanwhile, troops from Ukraine, Afghanistan, El Salvador, and Poland also came under fire this week. Thus far Spain is the only coalition country to say it plans to withdraw from Iraq, but the US might well be concerned that its allies' resolve may soon waver. "When people see dramatic scenes in which soldiers are killed," said Poland's prime minister, "there will be more pressure for a pull-out." – YaleGlobal

Coalition Partners Get Cold Feet

Ewen MacAskill
Saturday, April 10, 2004

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