Death of Pigs in Luzon: Rappler

Refusing to acknowledge a health problem can contribute to its spread. Pig farmers in Luzon, the biggest and most populated island of the Philippines, report pigs falling ill with loss of appetite, vomiting and sudden death, reports Ralf Rivas for Rappler. The Department of Agriculture reports that a number of government units “vigorously conduct joint monitoring of the movement of pigs, pork, and pork-related products in suspected swine farms” and are requiring pigs and pork products undergo veterinarian inspections and permits. The Department of Agriculture provided few details on affected areas or specifics on the disease or how authorities determine which pork is safe to sell. “The unnamed disease is said to not be harmful to humans, but people can become carriers of the disease and infect healthy pigs,” reports Rivas. “Rumors have spread that the unnamed disease is African swine fever, which has affected at least 25 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health.” China, Mongolia, Vietnam are among the nations that have reported African swine fever outbreaks, and news reports in May described plans for the Philippines pork industry to export product to China and Japan. – YaleGlobal

Death of Pigs in Luzon: Rappler

Pigs are dying from an unidentified disease in the Philippines, but infected hogs are still used for sausage; the Department of Agriculture offers few answers
Ralf Rivas
Wednesday, August 21, 2019

 per capita pork consumption, select markets
(Source: Pork Checkoff)

Read the article from Rappler about reports of a disease outbreak among pigs in the Philippines.

Also read “Philippines Eyes Pork Exports to China” from the Philippine Star.

The Philippines is not among the 15 nations responsible for more than 90 percent of all pork exports or another 70 percent responsible for 70 percent of imports in 2018, reports World of Exports.

The Philippines has imposed bans on pork imports from nations reporting African swine fever. US pork exporters eye the Philippines as a possible market.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations monitors African swine fever and national responses, but does not list the Philippines. Communication is urged as part of any response:

"Good communication and coordination with swine producing commercial sector and swine famers are essential to strengthen cooperation in ASF prevention, detection, and control. Awareness and training of all stakeholders, from veterinarians to farmers, intermediaries and other value chain actors is needed. Communication to public is to be in place to avoid the rumors leading to food safety perceptions and consumption disruption."

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