Delhi Should Avoid Lasting Damages to India-US Ties

A junior diplomat stationed in New York City was charged by US marshals for underpaying a maid. Standard procedure for such detainees includes a strip search, and India is furious. The United States responds that junior diplomats do not have immunity; Indian leaders contend that the arrest could have been handled more sensitively. The United States and India should not allow the incident to ruin relations, urges Rajesh Rajagopalan in Economic Times: “While it might be argued that poorly paid Indian diplomats cannot afford local help and need to bring in cheaper help from India – and the foreign secretary has reportedly already raised with the government the issue of allowances for her officers posted in expensive foreign cities – it also cannot be an excuse to violate local laws, especially where basic human rights are involved.” All nations should regularly review laws and policies for potential human rights violations – and end special practices for a few. That said, both countries share many strategic concerns. – YaleGlobal

Delhi Should Avoid Lasting Damages to India-US Ties

Arrest of junior diplomat outrages India; nations should review policies for human rights violations and end special treatment for a few
Rajesh Rajagopalan
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The writer is professor of International Politics, JNU, Delhi.

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