Denmark: First EU Country Planning to Run Anti-Refugee Adverts in Foreign Papers

Europe struggles to manage a refugee crisis. Tens of thousands of people are fleeing conflict in the Middle East and poverty in Africa; 2,000 have died trying to cross the Mediterranean this year to reach Italy or Greece, which have their challenges with tight budgets. The wait for asylum applications is long, and conditions of camps holding asylum seekers are grim. Smugglers pass out brochures on which countries offer the best benefits. Far-right parties gain traction by opposing immigration, and “the rise of the populist Danish People’s Party, now a dominant force in the new rightwing minority government, reflects a changing tide of opinion that is taking immigration policy into new territory,” writes Emmanuel Akinwotu for New Statesman. “The new government has swiftly cut benefits for asylum seekers by 45 per cent, with further benefits made conditional on meeting language requirements.” Critics, concerned about Denmark’s reputation for upholding human rights, contend that many refugees have grounds for seeking asylum. Ads’ proponents encourage an informed choice. Opponents counter by posting newspaper ads welcoming asylum-seekers to Denmark. – YaleGlobal

Denmark: First EU Country Planning to Run Anti-Refugee Adverts in Foreign Papers

The controversial Danish “information campaign” will be run in foreign newspapers and is intended to deter potential refugees from Syria and Northern Africa
Emmanuel Akinwotu
Thursday, August 20, 2015
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