Desis Are Rising Up the Technology Ladder

A high proportion of Indians are in top management of leading technology companies – including Google, Intel, Cisco and Microsoft. Indians are responsible for innovations like Google+, the Pentium chip, the USB and virtualization that made cloud-computing possible. The trend is to be expected: Many Indians obtained work visas and immigrated to the United States and other nations in anticipation of the Y2K transition for computers. Growing numbers of Indians have also enrolled in science and math programs at home and abroad, including the US, and “almost every major technology company established an R&D centre in India in the past decade, attracted by the sea of engineering talent,” reports Sujit John in the Times of India. “Many of these have grown to become the second-largest R&D operations for those companies, accounting for at least 20% of their engineering strengths… and there's now a near seamless movement of these technology executives between India and the US headquarters.” Indians, raised in a hybrid culture, adapt quickly to the rapid changes in technology industries. – YaleGlobal

Desis Are Rising Up the Technology Ladder

Indians crowd top management teams of tech firms: Immigration and hybrid culture boost adaptability to fast-changing technology industry
Sujit John
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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