DW: Childless People Should Pay More Tax?

Proper care of children – including adequate shelter, food and clothing along with education and exposure to a range of opportunities and ideas – is costly for families and society. Germany’s health minister also views children as future workers who pay for expensive retirement pension programs. “Germany's aging population and the retirement of post-war baby boomers has led to a mounting burden on health and social systems,” reports Natalie Muller for Deutsche Welle. “Childless people should be paying much more towards care and pension insurance than those who have started a family, German Health Minister Jens Spahn said.” Germany’s labor minister dismisses the notion, comparing it to punishment for childlessness. Spahn maintains the issue is about fairness. Germany, with fertility rate of 1.5 births per woman, worries about communities with more elderly than young workers. Although fertility is slowing, the world is on track for 10 billion people before 2050. Considering the challenges associated with increased competition for resources, climate change and technology eliminating many jobs, governments and individuals could focus on good health and self-reliance rather than count on more children providing economic rescue. – YaleGlobal

DW: Childless People Should Pay More Tax?

German minister calls for the childless to pay more into pension scheme, but critics question if more children provide economic rescue
Natalie Muller
Saturday, November 10, 2018

Read the article from Deutsche Welle about a proposal to require more taxes of childless couples.

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Increasingly enough, people who get tax credits for children get more than they payed in income taxes. Meaning they payed NO income tax at all.

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