DW: The UN Migration Pact

Displaced peoples and global migration are at historic highs with climate change, conflicts, natural disasters and an oversupply of jobs in some countries and undersupply in others. “The United Nations' Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration marks the first time the world body has ever agreed on a list of global measures to tackle the risks and challenges involved in migration for individual migrants, and at the same time to maximize benefits for the countries taking in immigrants,” explains Deutsche Welle. The pact, scheduled to be adopted in December, emphasizes cooperation. Objectives include providing documentation, minimizing conditions that force people to migrate, promoting evidence-based and civil discourse, saving lives, encouraging sustainability and combatting trafficking. Far-right populist leaders oppose the compact because it is non-binding and includes migrants who flee poverty. Opponents of immigration promote fear of immigrants rather than engage in responsible preparation for the range of disasters, from climate change to war, that can strike any part of the world and force mass mobility. – YaleGlobal

DW: The UN Migration Pact

The UN's Global Compact for Migration sets out non-binding guidelines for an integrated approach to migration, yet some nations are vehemently opposed
Friday, November 2, 2018
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