The Economist: Why Morocco Cozies Up to Sub-Saharan Africa

As the intra-Maghreb rivalry continues unabated, Morocco cultivates ties with sub-Saharan neighbors. King Mohammed VI has visited 14 African nations since October 2016. A recent article for the Economist notes: “Like their king, Moroccan companies are also lavishing attention on west Africa. The African Development Bank estimates that 85% of Morocco’s outward foreign direct investment (FDI) goes to sub-Saharan Africa. Trade lags behind, but this too is growing.” Morocco was readmitted to the African Union last year after a 32-year boycott over Western Sahara’s admittance. Morocco claims Western Sahara is part of its own territory. The Economic Community of West African States has taken Morocco into consideration for membership as what the Economist calls a “charm offensive” rages on. These relationships with west Africa let Morocco diversify from its traditional focus on Europe though economies as large as Nigeria express concern about Moroccan competition. Despite the nation’s investment in west Africa, ordinary Moroccans have not seen benefits, as 43 percent of the urban young remain unemployed. – YaleGlobal

The Economist: Why Morocco Cozies Up to Sub-Saharan Africa

In the face of an intra-Maghreb rivalry in North Africa, Morocco is cultivating ties to states in sub-Saharan Africa
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Read the article from the Economist about Morocco’s ties with sub-Saharan Africa.

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