Per Fars News Agency, US Run by Nazi Aliens

The gulf between Iran and the United States is wide. Iran’s Fars News Agency reports that US National Security Agency documents released by a former contract worker suggest that a shadow government of aliens ran Nazi Germany, intent on world domination, and now runs the United States, also intent on world domination. The report, labeled under the category of “space,” emerges as the United States and Iran resume diplomatic efforts to end western sanctions and Iran’s nuclear weapons research; in December, Iran reported a successful launch of a monkey into space and plans new satellite launches. Despite censorship, Iran has the largest proportion of internet users in the Middle East, notes BBC News. The news agency tends toward “conspiracy theorism,” suggests Max Fisher for the Washington Post. “To be clear, this does not appear to be the present view of the Iranian president,” he writes. “But the fact that there are people anywhere within the Iranian system sympathetic enough to this viewpoint to let through an article like this is a reminder of how some hard-liners see the world.” – YaleGlobal

Per Fars News Agency, US Run by Nazi Aliens

Missed by censors: Iranian news agency claims leaked NSA documents show that Nazi Germany and, now the US, run by space aliens, intent on world domination
Max Fisher
Friday, January 24, 2014

Max Fisher is the Post’s foreign affairs blogger. He has a master’s degree in security studies from Johns Hopkins University.

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