Global Economic Growth “Sliding Back into the Morass”

A report from the Brookings Institution and the Financial Times indicates that global economic growth rates are slowing. The report was published before the meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, where global economic leaders plan to stress the value of inclusion and global cooperation and other main tenets of globalization. The Brookings-FT Tiger index compares numerous indicators with historical averages for the global economy and for each country separately. A response to slowing global growth rates has been to encourage trade, but the rise of global far-right populist movements threaten such economic resurgence. Economists warn that failure to swiftly counter faltering growth and discontent with better jobs and improved social conditions could empower rising populist figures including Marine Le Pen in France and Donald Trump in the United States. Consensus among experts indicates that openness to trade and cooperation with other nations will lift the global economy, but this often runs contrary to the populist messages. – YaleGlobal

Global Economic Growth “Sliding Back into the Morass”

Index from Brookings and Financial Times reinforces fears of economic weakness amid popular discontent and backlash against openness
Chris Giles
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
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