Global Health Funding Faces a Shortfall of Billions to Fight Diseases

The global health community has tools to prevent and treat diseases, however, a “decline in global health funding threatens not just to stymie scientific advances against diseases like HIV, but to actually reverse gains made in the past decade,” writes Andrew Green for World Politics Review. Research on diseases has contributed to the largest population of young people in the planet’s history, notes the United Nations, but many live in areas with inadequate health care. International donor funding for health care is declining, and analysts suggest that the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria deliberately set low funding targets to avoid frightening donors. “In the face of the funding shortfall, the international community has called on the governments most affected by these epidemics to invest more in alleviating them,” Green reports. Meanwhile, new diseases like Ebola and Zika emerge as well as the challenge of anti-microbial resistance. Heads of state attending the UN General Assembly have concluded that combating disease requires “adequate, predictable and sustained funding.” – YaleGlobal

Global Health Funding Faces a Shortfall of Billions to Fight Diseases

Governments tend to respond to diseases as they emerge and neglect sustained funding for prevention – a challenge in an era of anti-microbial resistance
Andrew Green
Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Andrew Green is a foreign correspondent based in East Africa. He writes often from the region on issues of health, human rights and politics, and his work has appeared in Foreign Policy, The New Republic and The Washington Post, among other outlets. You can view more of his reporting at

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