Google Restricts Huawei’s Android Use: BBC

The Trump administration’s latest move in the US-China trade war is blacklisting Chinese company Huawei. The US placed the maker of telecommunications equipment on a list of entities blocked from trading with American firms without a license. Huawei, the world’s second biggest smartphone provider after Samsung, is now set to lose access to the upcoming version of Android, after Google took action to comply with the Trump order. Apps like YouTube and Maps will not be available on future devices, but Huawei can circumvent this somewhat by using an open source Android system as well as developing its own operating systems. Still, the move is a blow to Huawei as US chipmakers like Intel have agreed to stop supplying the company. Huawei faces criticism over speculation that China could use these products for surveillance as the company emerged a leader in developing next-generation 5G mobile networks. Executives continue to assure customers of Huawei's independence from the government in a quest to become the world’s largest smartphone maker. – YaleGlobal

Google Restricts Huawei’s Android Use: BBC

The US-China trade war burgeons: Trump adds world’s second largest smartphone maker, Huawei, to “entity list” – and Google restricts Android access
Thursday, May 23, 2019

Read the article from BBC about US restrictions for Huawei.

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