Halt of SARS in Vietnam Could Hold Lessons for Other Nations

Vietnam, declared Sars-free by the World Health Organization just last week, is being heralded as an example of efficiency for other countries trying to contain and eliminate the Sars virus. The country was lucky in some regards, but its early containment and prevention efforts should not be underestimated. "It was the speed, the leadership, the transparency, the flexibility, the intensity with which they educated people what to do," said one WHO official. Moreover, the New York Times reports, "provincial officials were ordered to file daily 4 p.m. updates. They were told to isolate patients and send them to two designated hospitals in Hanoi. Two suburban hospitals were prepared as isolation centers in case they were needed." Is it too late for China and other Sars-ridden countries to emulate Vietnam's approach? – YaleGlobal

Halt of SARS in Vietnam Could Hold Lessons for Other Nations

Seth Mydans
Wednesday, May 7, 2003

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