Hong Kong Protests Turn Violent: Reuters

After 11 weeks, mostly peaceful protests in Hong Kong have turned into violent with petrol bombs, destruction of surveillance cameras and injuries. Police responded with water cannons, teargas, gunfire and more than 80 arrests. The protests began in June over an extradition bill allowing Hong Kong people to be sent to China for trial. “But the demonstrations have evolved over 12 straight weeks into a broad demand for greater democracy in the financial hub that was promised a high degree of autonomy under a ‘one country, two systems’ formula when it was handed to China by colonial ruler Britain in 1997,” reports Reuters. The standoff is disrupting Asia’s financial center. China has pressured employers to suspend staff who support the protests with warnings of damage to the economy and possible intervention. Meanwhile tourism is down, conferences are canceled, and banks issue profit warnings. – YaleGlobal

Hong Kong Protests Turn Violent: Reuters

Hong Kong protests that have been demanding democracy take a violent turn and disrupt the economy; China warns intervention is possible
Twinnie Siu
Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Read the article from Reuters about the protets in Hong Kong.

Donny Kwok, Noah Sin and Anne Marie Roantree contributed to this article.

Hong Kong selected crime statistics from HK police

Crime had largely been down in Hong Kong during the first half of 2019 (Source: Hong Kong Police Force)

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