How Social Media Is Helping Islamic State to Spread Its Poison

Exposure of top-secret, massive US surveillance operations by Edward Snowden – and subsequent efforts by companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google and Apple to counter the surveillance – is aiding the Islamic State, contends Con Coughlin for the Telegraph. “Aided by the increased use of encryption software by the leading internet service providers, terrorist groups such as the Islamic State … have found that, simply by adding freely available security programs and apps to their devices, they can conceal their activities from prying eyes,” Coughlin writes, describing IS use of sophisticated videos, hashtags and messaging to spread propaganda and draw recruits. A problem with his rationale: IS is not reticent about taking credit for its war crimes. The internet and social-media companies have become “unwitting ‘command and control networks’” for extremists, Coughlin concludes. A dilemma for governments and society is how to limit tools of technology – whether assault rifles, anti-aircraft missiles and tracking technology, or social media, printing presses or pens – so they’re not abused by a few. – YaleGlobal

How Social Media Is Helping Islamic State to Spread Its Poison

Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s treachery has paved the way for a new form of propaganda, as terrorists change the way they communicate to evade security agencies
Con Coughlin
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
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