Invite China to Join G7 for Everybody’s Sake

In this op-ed for the Hong Kong-based The Standard, Kevin Rafferty argues for the inclusion of China in the G-7/8 group. Though he acknowledges arguments about China's not having the proper "system" or freely convertible currency that naysayers deem necessary to be in the exclusive club of like-minded economic powers, Rafferty argues that China's awesome economic status and great potential to grow even more should justify including it into the decision-making process of the group. Noting that China is both the "workshop of the world" and set to become the world's second largest economy by 2012, Rafferty asserts that it's simply to the advantage of the world economy to have China in G-7/8 and play a part in coordinating economic policies. Shutting it out, he says, gives current member countries little influence over China's less desirable economic policies. - YaleGlobal

Invite China to Join G7 for Everybody's Sake

Kevin Rafferty
Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Click here for the original article on The Standard's website.

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