iOS Trojan Spies on Hong Kong Protesters

A massive group of protesters using smart phones, all eager for specific news about their event, clicking on links, is a ripe target for cyber-surveillance. Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong suspect that China has infiltrated their phones with a fake application that is really a Trojan for the Apple mobile operating system, or iOS. Similar reports have emerged about Android phones, too. Attacks across both platforms are rare and could point to a powerful organization launching an attack rather than individual hackers, suggests one source for the article. The remote-access Trojan “can access personal data, spy on phone calls, and track the physical location of the handset,” reports Stephanie Mlot for PC Magazine. The protesters rely on social media and technology, Mlot notes, but increasingly are wary about exchanges with unknown sources. China is blocking Facebook and key hashtags associated with the protests. FireChat service, which does not require an internet connection or cellular service, is now popular among the protesters. – YaleGlobal

iOS Trojan Spies on Hong Kong Protesters

Hong Kong protesters suspect iOS spyware delivered via WhatsApp, which allows access to personal data and phone calls
Stephanie Mlot
Thursday, October 2, 2014
Stephanie began as a PCMag reporter in May 2012.

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