Iraq Video Brings Notice to a Web Site

The recent release of a video showing the killing of two Reuters' employees in Iraq by the web site Wikileaks shows how power is shifting to new sources in the age of global interconnectedness. Reuters had tried for several years to obtain the video from the Pentagon through Freedom of Information request without success. Wikileaks, which is a voluntary organization with a political agenda to expose wrong doing by governments and corporations, was able to decrypt the video and post it online regardless of what judges and national security experts thought of the wisdom of making it public. Wikileaks was able to take advantage of the power of the Internet to circumvent traditional constraints and start a conversation about national security policy. The site resides in servers in several countries making it difficult for any government to shut it down. As the internet gains more power, experts believe sites like Wikileaks are the way of the future. – YaleGlobal

Iraq Video Brings Notice to a Web Site

Noam Cohen, Brian Stelter
Thursday, April 8, 2010
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