Korea Times: Guarantee the US Guarantee

All parties who care about the Asia Pacific region should hope for a successful summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Expectations should not run high. “If the past is any indicator, the chances are high that the summit will be a failure,” explains researcher Charles Park for the Korea Times. “There may be no deal, or else it will be a short-lived one like all the previous nuclear deals with North Korea.” Kim can finalize a deal for North Korea, but divisive political interests in the United States and other countries could disrupt implementation on their side. Also, Trump has a track record of backing away from promises. Park urges that the United Nations be brought into the negotiations to guarantee the US guarantee, oversee North Korea’s compliance on denuclearization and monitor peaceful reunification. Failure of the summit could lead to war or an ongoing nuclear arms race with more animosity in the region. – YaleGlobal

Korea Times: Guarantee the US Guarantee

The Trump-Kim summit is a last-ditch effort for peace, denuclearization; a UN role could ensure global monitoring and guarantee that both sides keep their word
Charles Park
Monday, June 11, 2018

Read the article from the Korea Times about post-summit guarantees.

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