The Local France: Savage Violence in Paris

More than 10,000 yellow-vested protesters in Paris expressed fury toward their government over increasing inequality, unemployment and poor services in rural areas with wealth going unshared. “The Arc de Triomphe, symbol of French Republican pride, was vandalised and tagged with insulting graffiti,” explains John Lichfield, adding that police acted with restraint as protesters set buildings and cars in central Paris on fire. “The yellow vest protests began a month ago as a rebellion against green taxes and a spike in petrol and diesel prices. Pump prices have since fallen dramatically with the world oil price.” French President Emmanuel Macron has promised to reduce the fuel taxes as oil prices rise. Lichfield characterized most of the protesters as amateurs and “decent, frustrated, suffering people” from rural parts of France rather than urban anarchists. The movement is fragmented. For example, some agree that climate change is a challenge but oppose reduced taxes for the wealthy. Lichfield suggests that the protesters distrust leadership of all types, and that is a threat to democracy. Update: The government suspended the fuel tax on 4 December. – YaleGlobal

The Local France: Savage Violence in Paris

France contends with angry protests, described as insurrection by one commentator, over fuel taxes to stem climate change, inequality and rural hardship
John Lichfield
Monday, December 3, 2018

Read the article from the Local France about the protests over a fuel tax.

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