Match Speech With Action

Political leaders understand what their countries must do to compete in global markets and create sustainable economies over the long term. Education systems must prepare students with a skill set – reading for understanding complicated directions and to conduct research; math, critical thinking and analysis for problem solving of all types; confidence to sell goods or speak out on challenges to superiors or society at large; and willingness to develop language skills to speak with customers and suppliers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “rightly called for shunning the ‘archaic systems’ in education,” explains Nayan Chanda in his Businessworld column. Yet, suggestions by some government officials that English is “harmful” could make “India look as if it is turning inward rather than responding to Modi’s stirring call for global competitiveness.” Other standards in modern global competition: manufacture of high-quality goods and reducing the carbon footprint. Chanda urges leaders to match rhetoric with action on education and climate change throughout all levels government. – YaleGlobal

Match Speech With Action

India’s political leaders can boost industries to compete globally by promoting sustainability, strong technical skills and multilingual capabilities
Nayan Chanda
Monday, September 8, 2014

Nayan Chanda is editor in chief of YaleGlobal Online, based at Yale University’s MacMillan Center.           

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