The Miami Herald: The US Pushes Latin America Into China’s Arms

The Monroe Doctrine, a US policy adopted in the early 19th-century, warned other powers to stay away from Latin America. Today, as the United States nags and overlooks the region, China has made gains. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a speech on February 1 describing the region as a US priority and warned that China has more influence. Latin America’s total US imports shrunk from 50 percent in 2000 to 33 percent today while China’s imports increased from 3 to 18 percent, explains Andrés Oppenheimer for the Miami Herald. “But what Tillerson won’t say is that the Trump administration is directly responsible for worsening U.S.-Latin American ties over the past year,” he writes. “Tillerson’s conciliatory speech was in sharp contrast with Trump’s dark vision of Latin America as a source of drugs, unfair trade practices, illegal immigrants and ‘bad hombres.’” Blocking the Trans-Pacific Partnership, threatening the North American Free Trade Agreement, insisting a border wall is needed and insulting immigrants has damaged relations. China’s president has visited the region three times and the foreign minister has visited twice. Chile’s foreign minister suggests that the United States has abandoned the region. – YaleGlobal

The Miami Herald: The US Pushes Latin America Into China’s Arms

China makes gains as the US sends mixed messages to Latin America: The US secretary of state says the region is a priority, and the president slings insults
Andrés Oppenheimer
Friday, February 9, 2018

Read the essay from the Miami Herald about Chinese and US nurturing foreign relations in Latin America.

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