Moscow Furious, Says US Not Pushing Drug War in Afghanistan

Perhaps better than anyone, veterans of the Soviet war in Afghanistan understand the challenges confronting NATO in its attempt to stabilize the region. But Russians express concern that more drugs from Afghanistan cross over their borders and those of former Soviet satellites. Russian authorities suggest that the drug trade is linked to terrorism and NATO could do more to control and destroy crops that contribute to the drug trade. The US counters that destroying poppy and other fields infuriates farmers and drives them to join the Taliban cause. Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of heroin and hashish, and analysts suggest Russia may use the drug problem to assert more control throughout the region. – YaleGlobal

Moscow Furious, Says US Not Pushing Drug War in Afghanistan

Moscow's new drug czar, Viktor Ivanov, claims Russia is being flooded with cheap heroin and charges that the US and its NATO allies in Afghanistan are reluctant to pursue a drug war that could drive poppy farmers into the arms of the Taliban
Fred Weir
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
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